Repeater Database Instructions

Maintianed and Updated by YOU and other users. Please help keep the database UP-To-Date!

Note: Geolocation now works! The map should center on your location.

If the repeater info is in RED, it's marked Offline or has another error. Typically missing information. If you are 100% sure it's working AND not duplicated on a tower elsewhere, click the 'ONLINE' next to it. This lets us know the most recent date that the repeater was in service. In time the database will mark repeaters in a very light gray color to indicate the repeater is no longer in use. Then after more time, it will be removed from the list if nobody marks it back online. If it remains RED, it is missing information such as the call sign.

Features in the works: Auto-Obsolete. Adding tags such as IRLP, Echolink... Those can be put in the "Notes" field for now. For example, enter 'Intertie' in the search field to show all the Intermountain Interite stations (that people have added).

Chirp Export (Coming soon) - CSV Export (Coming soon)

If a repeater SITE is in the wrong location, please e-mail me at the address below, include the Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, and site number. also any other changes that might need to be made. Currently I have not put the ability to edit sites in the program.

A note about the search function. You can use multiple words in the search box, separated by a comma. That can be combined with the new 'Range' field. For example, you can search for VHF in the search box, and set the range to 50 (miles). When you get the results you like, bookmark that link, and it will always come up with those settings.

Feel free to e-mail me about any issues or feature requests, or link this site to your Amateur Radio site.
Written by Lisa Nelson AK7WS

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